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Gigi’s Custom Dips

Take It Off - Dip and Gel Remover

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Gel and dip powder remover.
Paint on, wait 3 mins, use the remover tool to Take It Off! 

“Take it off” remover gel how to: 

TAKE IT OFF: For Gel, Dip Powder + Nail Polish 

1. File off shiny top coat and dust off nails.

2. Apply a generous layer of Take it Off to the nail and let sit for 3-5 minutes. If you’re letting it sit for 5 make sure your application is very thick. 
Note: Reapply if it dries out on the nail. **This product works best when still wet **

3. Gently scrape off any softened product using the remover tool. You can file the residual away as well. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until all layers of product have been removed.

4. Wash hands or clean nails with alcohol to remove any remaining Remover Gel.


  • Remover Gel is a very thick cloudy gel consistency.
  • Wipe the brush clean before returning it to the bottle to avoid contamination.
  • The number of applications needed to remove product can vary depending on how many layers of dip, or gel was applied. Generally polish and gel will come off in 1-2 applications, while dip with tips may take 3-4+ applications. 
  • For best results, scrape off softened product before it dries on the nail.

Ingredients: Grape seed oil, glycerine, water, 2-propanediol, keratin