How To

Chisel Dip Instructions

Before doing your first step, prep your natural nails by cleaning the cuticles and nail beds. Remove shine.

1. Apply one coat of Chisel Bonder (1) to prepped nails and let dry.

2. Apply Chisel Base (2) to one nail staying away from the cuticles to avoid pooling. Dip nail into powder, tap off excess and move to the next nail.

3. Once all nails are dipped, gently brush off excess with a soft bristled brush. Repeat for desired coverage/thickness. (3-4 dips for longer nails 2-3 for shorties.)

4. Once desired thickness/color coverage is done, apply Chisel activator (3) to all nails making sure to cap the free edges along the sides. Let dry for 2 mins, file and shape. Remove dust with your brush and reapply activator (3).

5. Apply Chisel Top (4) quickly in 1 or 2 strokes (this will prevent hardening of your brush)

6. Re-apply a second coat of Chisel Top (4), this time apply slowly and smoothly, making sure to cover all edges. Let it air dry for about 3-5 minutes.

You can also pour the powder on top of the wet nail instead of dipping it. Use a muffin liner to catch the excess powder for no waste. Or pour the powder into a muffin liner and lay your nail flat into the powder.


To remove, simply wrap or soak the nails in acetone and file off.

Or check out the Rice removal method on YouTube!