How To

Pro Tips

Don't forget, practice makes perfect, but here are a few tips we have learned along the way.

After dipping into the powder, use our Precision Tool to remove excess powder buildup around your cuticles. This helps to prevent premature lifting at the cuticles and allows a smooth, clean grow out.

When using chunky glitters, try laying your finger flat into the powder, as opposed to dipping into the jar, this applies the glitter in a smoother fashion and makes the shaping job much easier in the end. Also, be sure to press the glitter flat after dipping, and make sure to top them (encapsulate) with Clear dip so you can file and shape them without ruining the gorgeous glitters.

Nail Prep

Before starting the dipping process, make sure your nails are nice and clean, use isopropyl alcohol to clean them as water right before a manicure can cause lifting. Remove any cuticle from from the nail bed with a cuticle pusher, and file/trim as needed.

Dipping Steps

To begin, use Prep/Bond (1) to dehydrate your nail beds to allow for maximum adhesion.

Apply a thin even coat of Base (2) staying away from the cuticles, and dip or lay your finger flat into the powder. once done this step on all fingers, dust away any excess powder with your powder brush.

Repeat the base and dip process as many times as needed for desired thickness (usually 3-4 dips/layers)

Once desired thickness is achieved, apply the Activator (3) to the entire nail including the free edge & let dry for 2 minutes.

Once dry, file, buff if nessecary, and shape. When you are done your shaping dust your nails off and re-apply Activator (3)

Wait 30 seconds, then apply Top Coat (4) in two quick strokes. Let air dry (about 30 seconds, you will see the top coat crinkle a bit) then apply a second layer of Top Coat (4) this time being more detailed and capping the free edge. Once Done, your nails will be fully dry in about a minute.


There are a few options for removal. You can use our "Take It Off" Dip & Gel Remover for a gentle, easy, removal process.

Or you can soak them off in acetone by filling a zip-lock baggie with acetone, add a splash of your favorite oil (coconut, olive etc.) to keep your hands hydrated, and a peice of paper towel. Place the baggie into a dish of warm water or warm rice (uncooked). Heat will help speed up the acetones job of removing the powder. While the nails are soaking gently rub them on the paper towel to aid in the removal process.


Chisel Brand Dip Instructions 

Before doing your first step, prep your natural nails by cleaning the cuticles and nail beds. Remove shine.

1. Apply one coat of Chisel Bonder (1) to prepped nails and let dry.

2. Apply Chisel Base (2) to one nail staying away from the cuticles to avoid pooling. Dip nail into powder, tap off excess and move to the next nail.

3. Once all nails are dipped, gently brush off excess with a soft bristled brush. Repeat for desired coverage/thickness. (3-4 dips for longer nails 2-3 for shorties.)

4. Once desired thickness/color coverage is done, apply Chisel activator (3) to all nails making sure to cap the free edges along the sides. Let dry for 2 mins, file and shape. Remove dust with your brush and reapply activator (3).

5. Apply Chisel Top (4) quickly in 1 or 2 strokes (this will prevent hardening of your brush)

6. Re-apply a second coat of Chisel Top (4), this time apply slowly and smoothly, making sure to cover all edges. Let it air dry for about 3-5 minutes.

You can also pour the powder on top of the wet nail instead of dipping it. Use a muffin liner to catch the excess powder for no waste. Or pour the powder into a muffin liner and lay your nail flat into the powder.


To remove, simply wrap or soak the nails in acetone and file off.

Or check out the Rice removal method on YouTube!